Brewing the perfect cup.

It all starts with an alarm clock ringing on your night stand. You roll out and head to the kitchen, load your preferred k-cup into the coffee machine and press the start button. Is this the formula to a perfect cup of coffee? No. But it's not terrible, either. Especially for those of us on the go. When you get the chance to slow down, try making coffee by taking the following variables into consideration - we think you'll be impressed with the outcome.

1. Select your preferred brewing technique.

For the most control over your coffee we'd suggest a traditional coffee machine (drip), a pour-over or a coffee press. Each have their benefits but all allow you to get the most out of the coffee.

2. Proportion of coffee.

Make sure you're measuring out coffee grounds based on the number of servings you'll be brewing. We suggest two tablespoons per 6oz of water.

3. Grind it right.

A common oversight of people just beginning to brew coffee is the coffee grind. It should be known that specific grinds of coffee works better for certain brewing techniques. We find that a 'fine' grind works best for espresso, a 'medium' grind works best for drip coffee and pour-overs, and a 'coarse' grind works best for a coffee press.

4. H20.

Using fresh water is a must when brewing coffee. Having it at the right temperature also helps bring out the flavor of the coffee. If you can, heat the water to an almost boiling temperature of 195-210 degrees fahrenheit and use properly per your preferred brewing technique.

5. Storage is key.

Store your coffee in an airtight container, preferably in a cool, dark place. Sunlight, moisture, oxygen and heat can deteriorate the beans at a faster pace and create a sour effect in the coffee flavor.

Take these variables into consideration and you'll be off and running to a perfect cup of coffee. Visit to learn more about our quality coffee beans and how you can get them shipped right to your door!