Coffee for A Year- Legal Statement

By submitting your entry you agree to email and/or direct marketing communication from Carpo Coffee Company. Your information will not be sold or repurposed for any use outside of our communication. Giveaway will run from June 5, 2017 through June 30, 2017, with the grand prize winner randomly selected on July 2, 2017. One registration per email address and household. Registering for the giveaway does not warrant an automatic win for the registrant, nor does it warrant any other prize in association with this contest or any other contest by Carpo Coffee Company. Carpo Coffee Company will randomly select and send a 1/2 lb of coffee to the winner each month for (12) straight months. The coffee sent to the giveaway winner will be rotated each month. If at any time the giveaway winner wishes to end the free coffee delivery, or if they plan to move addresses, they must inform Carpo Coffee Company within 10 business days of the next month in which they'll receive coffee. Failing to inform Carpo Coffee Company of an address change may decrease quantity of coffee received from Carpo Coffee Company. The giveaway winner is not responsible for any operational, logistical, or tax costs associated with the prize.

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